It’s Been Written…

Happy Friday Y’all! I don’t know about you but I am so excited about it being Friday… Because that means I get to sleep in tomorrow! And that makes this sleep deprived girl very excited!

I’m linking up with Ashley from The Sweet Season for Friday’s Letters today! I just love this link-up!

Dearest Bed- I am so excited to sleep in you tonight. In the last two weeks we have only met 3 times. And while I am so thankful I had other beds to sleep in those other nights, I have missed you… Also I’m just excited to sleep in general!

Dear Caffeine- After today you and I are parting ways for a bit… I have had way too much of you this week! Time to detox!

Dear 4 and 5 year old’s at VBS last night- You were out of control! There was no taming you or getting you to sit still. You were way too excited for the slip’n’slide. And add-on eating ice cream after said slip’n’slide and it was all we could do to keep you from bouncing off the walls! With that said I still had a blast being one of your teachers all week! You were wonderful! And I’m so proud of all you learned!

Dear P-town- Get ready because I’m coming for you in 2 weeks! It is going to be a jam-packed short trip!

Dear Best friend- “Oh it’s what you do to me! It’s what you do to me!… We love each other… Not in the prison kind of way though.”



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