Thoughtful Thursday

Ok Ok… I know Thursday’s are deemed “Throwback Thursdays”… By who I don’t know… But they are…throwbackthursdayI don’t feel much like throwing back though…Today I have had many random thoughts. So just for this week I have deemed today “Thoughtful Thursday!”

So here goes… Some thoughts running through my head today…

1. Texas has a lot of good-looking guys… Just an observation.

2. Apparently everyone and their momma’s are going to Cali. Tons of bloggers that I read are either there or going there soon… Not to mention all my friends who still live there post all this cool stuff from Cali… It’s all combining to make me a little wish I was there… Or at least going for a visit this summer… But alas dear friends I am not… So I will just keep California Dreamin on my own.

3. It’s 7-11 and if I did not have VBS tonight I would seriously be considering driving the 100 miles or so to the closest 7-11 to get a free Slurpee today!

4. “God Gave Because He Loves Us, Loves Us Everyone, God Gave Because He Loves Us, God Gave His Son”…. This is a part of one of our VBS songs…

5. I am glad we got caught up on Dexter last night and watched both episodes… But I am really really tired today because of it… My mantra… It was worth it, It was worth it!

6. A grilled cheese and french fries sounds really good right now!!

So there you have it… Thoughtful Thursday! What are some of the thoughts running through your minds today??


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