I Guess I’m Blessed!

blogbutton2.2Well it sure has been a long time since my last “I Guess I’m Blessed” Wednesday! So I thought it was mighty time to bring it back! That’s right, it’s time to put on your Attitudes of Gratitude!

My church has a new Children’s building. It was built debt free! And a couple of weeks ago was finally finished, including getting all the proper permits, and inspections and all that. We got to move in! Which is exciting in and of itself… But this week is Vacation Bible School! It started on Monday night. And we had the most children we have ever had on the first night of VBS in the history of the church on Monday night! Praise the Lord! I am so thankful that when He calls His people to do something, He does it! And then He brings about His purposes through it! And I’m thankful that He brought me to Texas and to this church to be able to experience His work, and be apart of His work here!

The last season of Dexter started a couple of weeks ago… There have been 2 episodes so far. And I have not watched either of them yet… Shocker I know! But tonight that is all changing! After VBS I am heading over to my friend Brian and Elyse’s house for dinner and Dexter watching! We might be only watching the first episode. But that’s better than nothing! I am beyond excited! I sure hope it is a good season, so it goes out with a bang! So what exactly am I thankful for?? Well for Brian and Elyse hosting me! Also they are cooking dinner! So I am thankful for that too! And thankful to get to watch Dexter… So good!

This week I am very thankful for caffeine. I have had some pretty late nights this week. Not just because of VBS but for other reasons too. So I have been pretty tired. So I just drink some caffeine at lunch and a little more before VBS starts and I am good to go!

Honorable mentions Summer! Friends! Charley’s Grilled Subs! P-town!



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