My Love Runs Deep

I can’t count how many times I have professed my love for Texas here on the blog… I’ve done it a lot for sure!! Mostly because I just love Texas. It’s a wonderful place.

But this morning I was reminded of one of the few (and I mean very few) things that I don’t like… Cockroaches… Blech, I get the grossies just thinking about them. The little ones are gross but they are pretty easy to kill… The ones that get me… And send me running down the street away from them… Are the huge ones… The ones the size of Texas… Give me the willy nilly’s for sure!

This morning I had come down the stairs in the parking garage at work and walking down the hallway to the doors to go into the building… And I see something near my feet and I start trying to avoid it thinking it was a frog… And then I look down and realize it’s a roach the size of Texas running right at my feet… And I freaked… Jumped over it and ran to the doors and inside… Leaving Lynne behind asking what the heck it was… Not even caring there were people in the building looking at me like I was crazy since I just ran indoors shaking out the grossies… Blech! Took me a good five minutes to get my heart rate back down!

So Texas… My love for you runs deep…. But please please please keep the roaches away from me!



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