Just Give Me A Reason

048In 2 days I will be here… Floating the day away! It is going to be glorious! There is just something about laying in a tube floating down the river in the sun that speaks to my soul… Ok maybe anything that involves laying out in the sun speaks to my soul! But still…. I am excited!

In other news…
50%1. I hit 50% of the way through the bible last night. I am in Job, and Acts. And I have to say I have thoroughly been enjoying reading through the Bible. I did go on a month and a half hiatus from it. But I finally caught myself up in the beginning of June and got back to reading everyday.

2. Awhile ago on amazon local I bought a deal where I got unlimited access for a month to a tanning place. And that included spray tans. Which is the only reason I got it. But I activated it yesterday… I am only going to get spray tans. Not getting in the cancer tubes again… But it’s going to be hard knowing I have access to them and not going to use them. It just feels so good to be in one…. So glad it’s summer and I can just sit outside to get that warm!

3. I started the Jack Reacher book series yesterday on lunch… So far the first book is really really good! So good I really want to skip my workout tonight and just read instead! But today is probably the only day I’ll get to workout this week so I should probably not do that.

4. My family has been camping at the beach in Cali the last couple days… And I’m really jealous! I have seen all the pictures they’ve been posting and it makes me want to be there!

Guess that’s all the news I have for now…. Oh wait…. One more thing… 23 days until I leave for the shortest trip to P-town ever!



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