Target Practice

So yesterday afternoon I had some time to kill… And I wanted to kill it in a nice and cool place without spending a ton of money… I also had forgotten my book at home so I couldn’t just go to Starbucks to get a tea and sit and read… So in these types of situations my go to place is… Target.

I know, I know. It’s a dangerous place to go wander around. It’s a dangerous place to window shop. Because usually you end up buying something… But I was strong. I simply purchased an Icee and a cookie, and wandered around filling up the shopping cart in my head with everything I saw and wanted… And the total of all the items in the shopping cart in my head… Probably more than $300. They have some super cute stuff right now.

DressThis dress… I have seen multiple bloggers and a few friends wearing the red/orange/coral colored one. One of the bloggers had said she got it at Target. So after I hit up the $1 bins, clothing is the first place I went. I had to find the dress… And when I found it, I found that they had this color. I know it looks mint green in this picture. But it’s not, it is a light dark sky blue color, if that makes sense. It’s very pretty.

The thing is I already have a black lace dress similar to this one from target… And I got a cream lace with coral underneath from Charming Charlie… So how many lace dresses do I need? I did not go try it on, but it for sure went into my pretend cart!

pillow1They had some beautiful throw pillows yesterday. All with turquoise and other colors. But this is the only one I could find online. And while I do love this one. It doesn’t even come close to some of the ones they had in the store. So pretty! So about 4 different pillows ended up in my pretend cart.vaseYesterday was the first time I saw this vase… And I swooned! On the one I saw the turquoise splatters were not as big as they are in this picture. And it was just soooo pretty! I have no idea what I would do with it. But it went in my mental shopping cart as well… And this might be something that actually ends up in my real shopping cart someday soon. Because the more I see it the more I swoon! pitchersAfter seeing the vase I walked straight ahead into their new kitchen stuff… And it is all in these colors. I’ve been swooning over all this stuff since it came out awhile ago. It’s all so pretty and bright! And again all the kitchen stuff in these colors went into my pretend shopping cart! I couldn’t find any of this stuff online so I can’t show you the cuteness of all of it. But know it’s darling! And has me swooning!

So there you have it. Some of the items I’m swooning over at Target! That place has been killing me lately with all the cute stuff… And I’m proud to say the only thing I bought yesterday was my Icee and cookie!


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