Life as of Late…

Summer has arrived!! And since it has arrived that means life is in crazy mode! Constantly on the go doing things. So I thought I would stop by today and give a little recap on what I’ve been up to lately… Ready…paintSaturday evening. I went to a painting class with some friends. One other person who is not pictured came with us (I don’t know how she feels about her picture on blogs, so I left her out). We all had a lot of fun painting together.

I didn’t have the other’s finished product on my phone, those are on my actual camera, so the only finished one you see is mine. They all had their differences though. Susie and Lydia both had red lighthouses, Dusti did a black one, and I of course did turquoise. I mean really how could I not do turquoise when I had the paint sitting right there in front of me??

ice creamI made some homemade chocolate ice cream the other day. It was very very good! Next time we are going to try some fruity frozen yogurt or sorbet or something like that. So we’ll see how those come out! Mmm just looking at this ice cream is making me want some right now!

skyOf course I’m still snapping pictures of all the pretty sky we have here. I know I haven’t been posting much on Facebook or Instagram. But I’m still taking them don’t you worry!

booksAnd last but not least…. I went to Half Price Books on Friday evening. And I found these awesome things on the clearance rack! I was laughing pretty hard at them… And no I did not buy any of them. Just enjoyed looking at them in the store. I did buy some books though, a few on the clearance rack, and the 3rd Jack Reacher book (they didn’t have the first two, so I’ll have to go find those at other locations), and I got the movie Grumpy Old Men! I got Grumpier Old Men the other day! So now my set is complete! Love those movies!

So there you have it. What I’ve been up to lately. Some other things that are not pictured: hanging out with an adorable 5-year-old, ya know the usual- playing, going out to eat and getting frozen yogurt, cuddling on the couch, napping, and painting! Hanging out with friends. And getting very little sleep!

What have y’all been up to so far this summer??


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