Get Ready…

Dear Texas,

First off let me just declare my love for you. You probably already know this. But I just felt the need to let you know again. I love you plain and simple!

I am so glad that summer finally decided to show up! We had a very nice spring, but I was so ready for the summer heat to come! Last year it started in March and never looked back. This year it came and went until Memorial day and then it was here to stay. Praise the Lord!

I think you gave us a nice and cool spring because you knew this summer is going to be a doozy. I say this because going by the last few days we are going to have a HUMID summer. Now I am not complaining about this. I think it’s mighty time I felt the crazy humidity everyone talks about down here. Also it means we have gotten rain… And we need rain bad! So bring on the rain, humidity, and the heat! But if you could let the rain be on the week days, so we can have sunshine on the weekends pretty please!

Now that we’ve discussed my love and the weather let’s get down to business shall we???… roadtripYes it is true… She is coming here! Soon! And I just thought you should know so you could prepare… Because if the below pictures are anything to go by you need to prepare yourself big time! Not only to handle us and our shenanigans… But remember we are trying to get her to move here. So bust out all the stops, great weather, fun times, amazing people, country music. Go big or go home right? Right!tillamook
silly faces
silly faces2



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