Zoo Fail Or Not… You Decide…

After work yesterday Lydia, my roommate, and I went to the zoo. You see the first Tuesday of every month is usually free entry after 2pm (I think that’s the time but don’t quote me). So we get there and stand in line only to hear an employee telling the people in front of us that free day is no more, last month was the last one.

Super bummer!! So we decide to take a walk around the park that is next to the zoo. I mean we were already there, might as well do something right? Right! It was a fairly nice day. A little warm in the sun but not too terrible and under the shade of the trees was really nice. While we were walking we saw these lovely creatures, and flowers!

DSC04581 DSC04585 DSC04597
DSC04594 DSC04607 DSC04617 DSC04620 DSC04623 DSC04628
So our free zoo trip wasn’t so much of a failure after all! Take that non-free zoo entry day!



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