Summarization Skills!

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m here today to work on my summarization skills in the form of a weekend recap! Oh goody! Y’all ready? Alright lets go!

Friday night- I parked my hiney on the couch and watched way too many episodes of Hart of Dixie… Guess that’s what happens when you house/dog sit the weekend before and get hooked on a show… Also I realize this now broadcasts to the world that I’m pretty lame! But I would say that watching Hart of Dixie is a step up from cleaning on a Friday night, which was the actual plan for the evening…

Saturday- Gutted out a 5k on the treadmill (first run in 2 weeks/ate way too many cookies on Friday will make running hard). Did the cleaning that I didn’t do Friday night. And then headed off to hang out by the pool with good friends for the afternoon, and then went to a BBQ that evening! And no summer BBQ is complete without watermelon! And this one did not disappoint! I LOVE watermelon!

Sunday- Went to Church! Where we played this song! We hadn’t played it for a couple of months. Not only is it a really good song, it’s also one of my favorites to play! After church for lunch we had roast, carrots, mashed potatoes, gravy, and bread (oh and green beans, but who cares about those 😉 lol). Then I went home and watched some more Hart of Dixie.

I met Laura, Lynne, and Lila at Ikea around  5. And the next 3ish hours were spent wandering around. And let me tell you spending 3 hours at Ikea is the right way to do it! You look at everything. You dream of ways to use everything you are looking at. You eat. You enjoy each other’s company.

If you didn’t look at everything how else would you find this adorable dish towel and realize it would make the cutest pillow (Kudos to Laura for that awesome idea!)dish towel

Also if you didn’t look at everything how else would you find out that you needed this adorable elephant print??elephants2

Answer is… you wouldn’t! So next time you go to Ikea grab a couple of friends, and a very cute and fun 5-year-old to go with you. And make sure to look at everything!





2 thoughts on “Summarization Skills!

  1. What a fun weekend. My best friend Anna is obsessed with Hart of Dixie. I love Ikea, I get so many ideas and want to buy everything… it just sucks you have to put it together, haha!

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