Droppin’ the G’s

So being from one of the most disliked by every other state states gets me a lot of flack over here in Texas. Not mean flack or hatred flack. But I get teased and jokes are made, all in fun and love of course. My family is still in California so I also get flack from them the more Texan I become.

Needless to say I am more observant of when I start talking, acting, thinking like a Texan… Most recent thing I’ve noticed… I’ve started dropping the g’s when I talk. And there is something about dropping the g’s that makes you have a little it of a drawl added in there as well…

It started around thanksgiving time. My family of course made fun of me endlessly for saying “Thanksgivin” instead of “Thanskgiving”. It wasn’t even a conscious decision. It’s just what would come out when I went to say the word.

Then yesterday happens… Where I do it not just once but twice… First, I forget what exact word I said, but I was at work talking with my co-worker and it came out. And I immediately corrected myself and thought wow where did that come from..

And then last night coming back from mini-golfing with the youth group, I was asking Bob what a building was and asked it if was like a nursin’ home (complete with a tiny little drawl). Again I corrected myself, which spurred an entire conversation between Bob and I about how g’s aren’t needed here in Texas.

That’s when I realized… I’m a goner… My g’s are going to start droppin’ like the plague…


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