As you all probably know… I don’t care for commitment. Not in big things… I have committed my life to the Lord, and I have committed to loving others, and all those other big things too… But little things… Like favorite song, movie, place to eat… Or like where should we go for dinner, what should we do on our day off… Or like what color phone case should I get, or what picture should I put on a custom case… All of those little things… I’m terrible… I can’t commit…

So in an effort to get better at committing to smaller ticket items…. Today I bringing to you…. wait for it… gotta build some suspense… 

My #1 most favorite thing about summer!

Ready for it??? Just know how huge this is. I am fully coming out and committing to say that this thing is what I look forward to most about summer, what I enjoy the most all summer long, what I just love… Have any guesses to what it might be??

Hmm those are some good guesses… But what it actually is…

Yup that’s right folks… Watermelon… Seedless watermelon to be exact… Because picking around seeds just makes it not as enjoyable! Every summer I can not wait until I can get my hands on some ice-cold juicy sweet watermelon… It is just soooo tasty! And refreshing… And mmm I’m seriously salivating right now! 

Don’t get me wrong, I love the sun, the warmth, the beach, the pool time, the fun had during summer… I do love those things… But I could do without them to a certain extent… But a summer without watermelon… I would die!


2 thoughts on “Summer!!!!

  1. Watermelon is also my favorite thing about summer! I can eat so much if it too because it doesn’t fill you up very quickly. I feel you in the commutment thing too.. But I actually think I can say its my favorite fruit as well 🙂

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