Oh Destin, How I Love Thee!

It’s Wednesday!!!! And you know what that means?? Halfway to the weekend! And it is going to be a good weekend for sure! See it’s a 3 day weekend for starters! I will also be house/dog sitting two adorable dogs and a 5 month old Great Dane puppy! And on Monday a bunch of us are heading to the beach for the day! Needless to say I’m excited for this weekend!

The excitement that this weekend is offering has made coming back to reality after our trip to Destin much easier for sure…. And on the topic of Destin…

Man it was such a good 4 days! We left early early Thursday morning. Like 3am early… We had a quick stop in New Orleans to see the French Quarter. We walked around a bit and ate some Beignets from Café Du Monde, and then got back on the road. We got to Destin around 1:30! So we still had all afternoon to lay on the beach.

And for reals the next 3 and a half days that’s what we did. Well what I did anyway. Lydia took some walks each day. And of course we got in the water a couple of times each day as well.

On Saturday afternoon we went on a Snorkeling/Dolphin tour. It was their first outing of the summer and so it was way longer than they usually do. We snorkeled for a long time and we got to see the dolphins for a good chunk of time too. We were out there for a total of 3 hours. It was great!

We rented Jack Reacher from Redbox one of the nights. And let me tell you… It is a great movie! I loved it! We ended up watching it the next day as well before we had to take it back. It was that good! And when I got back home and was talking to my mom about it she informed me that it’s based off a series of books… Which made me really excited since I wanted more Jack Reacher when the movie ended and was sad knowing there wasn’t anymore.

One of the nights we ate at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Because well, you can’t go to paradise without eating there! And it did not disappoint either. The burger was soo good. Also our waiter was pretty funny. I had signed up for their text message alerts and got a free appetizer so we were talking to the waiter about it and I asked if he wanted to see the text message and he said “Well I don’t know is it a threatening message?” Lol apparently he did not really understand what we were talking about. But we got it figured out and got some free chips and salsa out of it!

So that’s basically all we did. On the drive home we stopped at two of the 5 state borders to take pictures. We didn’t stop at Louisiana or Texas because we’ve already been to those! And now for your viewing pleasure here are a million and one pictures!














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