Life Lately…

Life lately has been crraazzzaaayyy busy! But it’s also been a whole lot of fun! So that’s why I’ve been slack-a-lackin here on the blog… And it’s probably not going to get a whole lot better this week… sorry blogging every day in may challenge I am failing miserably!

So let’s recap what’s been happening!

Last week was getting ready for Celebration of Friends (a ladies event we do every year at church) and for my roommates fambam to come into town for her Law School Graduation!

Thursday night was Celebration of Friends. Our theme was “We Can Do It!” We used the theme of Rosie the Riveter, and the verse Philippians 4:13. It was a really fun night. It seemed like all the ladies had a good time. And Mrs. Lynn had a great message for us about being able to do what the Lord calls us to do because He gives us the strength! For some reason the whole event seemed shorter to me than normal. But I think that’s because I was doing the registration and checking everyone in and telling them where their seats were, so I wasn’t sitting and chatting like usual.

Late Thursday night is when Lydia’s family flew in. So after helping clean up at the church I headed home to help her retrieve them all.

Friday was Lydia’s graduation. So I left work a little early to get back and eat with everyone and then we headed on over! We watched Lydia and all the rest of her class get hooded! She graduated with honors! She is one smart cookie! After the ceremony we went back to our apartment and ate dessert and hung out with everyone.

Saturday was spent at the beach! It was supposed to rain all day there… But it turned out to be a gorgeous day! It was not hot, but it was not cold, it was the perfect temperature! There were a lot of waves and they were strong, which is not normal for where we go. But it made it so much more fun to be in the water and jumping waves. Usually we just get to float around float over the waves. It was a good day in the sun. Then we just hung out that evening at the apartment.

Needless to say come Sunday Morning I was exhausted! The most exhausted I have been in a very long time. If I said more than 4 words at a time my eyes would tear up. So after church and Mother’s Day Lunch I headed home to chill for a couple of hours. And then when 6:20 rolled around I got ready for bed and was laying down to sleep at 6:45. And I slept until my alarm when off the next morning! It was glorious!!

And now I just have one more work day and then I leave for a place that looks like this for the weekend!destin

My first vacation where I’m not visiting family or friends, and just going somewhere for me to sit and relax, in a really long time! It’s going to be amazing!

So if I’m MIA around here for awhile longer… Now you know why! Talk to Y’all soon!


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