It Wasn’t Me!

Today I’m here to share with you my most embarrassing moment circa 6th grade… I probably have had more embarrassing moments since then but this is the only one that I can think of… So here goes…

To set the scene: Picture 5 rows of desks about 10 desks long. They are the old school desks, ya know the ones that the top part lifts up and you can put your books and folders and stuff… So there I am in the back row, with one person to my right and the rest of the row to my left. And I’m sitting between two boys. One of them was one of the cutest boys in our class. I forget who the other one was…. Our teacher Mr. Luft had given us time to work on one of our assignments, so the room wasn’t quiet but it wasn’t roaring loud either.

So I’m sitting there doing my work and all of a sudden… A fart slips out… And it’s not one of the silent ones, it was loud enough for both boys sitting next to me to hear. Upon hearing the fart both boys look at me and my response…. “It wasn’t me!” Which of course they knew was a lie and they started laughing hysterically… And then they proceeded to tease me for the rest of the year with the phrase “It wasn’t me”

Poor 6th grade Juliann, life was so tough!


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