The Moment That Stopped Time

So I’ve been participating in this blog every day in May… But I’ve failed pretty miserably at the everyday part! But it’s because I’ve been busy… But out of that busyness comes my topic for today’s prompt, which is… A moment in your day!

So this moment actually happened yesterday in the evening. After work I pretty much went straight to the church to start setting up for our Celebration of Friends Ladies event that is happening tonight (Thursday). Getting there at 5:30pm and I didn’t leave the church until 10 maybe a little after. Not the whole time was spent setting up, from 630-730 I had youth group. But that’s not the point.

So here I am setting up my table, with a million other things running through my mind. Thoughts including but not limited to: I need to help Jamie set her table up, we need to put the banners up, we need to put the pictures up, we need to set up the photobooth, I need to talk to the hostesses about their tables and the guests they have coming, I need to put this person at this table, I need to watch Mary Beth, Elyse, and Nancy run through the skit since I’m the director, we need to work out the kinks in that, oh I need the table and chairs set up for that, etc. you get the picture.

When all of a sudden I hear a very cute little 5-year-old girl yell out my name “JULES!!!!” as she comes running over to give me a hug and chat with me. And every thought, worry, stress, etc. stopped. In that moment when she yelled my name, time stopped and she had my undivided attention.


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