Sccccuuurrrrdddddyyyyy Cat!

Well hello! Today I’m here to share with you 4 things I’m afraid of… dun dun dun….

1. The first Scooby Doo Movie… Lol you think I’m kidding?? I’m really not… I got nightmares from this movie when I was in high school… kind of embarrassing to admit… But my dreams are very vivid and anything I’m watching or reading usually ends up in my dreams only with me as one of the characters… Needless to say this one was not very fun. Especially since the cute guy that happened to be sweet on me turned into one of those soul sucking monsters at night… Not fun! lol scooby do
2. Snakes… No need for a picture here, let’s not get freaked out… But my fear of snakes grew a bit when I heard the story of the lady with the pet snake who she let sleep in her bed with her… Did you hear it? Well basically the snake stopped eating, but he kept on growing… And she took it to the vet a couple of times and they said oh no big deal they don’t eat very often. And then either she went to another vet or something I don’t really remember but when she went again the vet asked her questions about the snakes routine. And she told the vet that she let the snake sleep with her. And the vet was like well no wonder he isn’t eating he is growing and saving his appetite to eat you!… yup no snakes for me!

3. My brother’s when they hide and try to scare me… Especially in the dark… So many years of torture… lol (don’t let this picture fool you!)wedding4


4. And everyone needs a good phobia… So I went with… Catoptrophobia… aka the fear of mirrors… Because really who isn’t afraid of a mirror! 🙂



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