Can I Quote You??

Today’s topic…. Your favorite quote… I’m not the best at remembering inspirational quotes, or quotes from amazing, and famous people. I can quote movies like nobody’s business, and I can quote some of my friends funny one liners… But other than that I’m not so good. So instead of searching high and low on the internet for a quote to say is my favorite I’m just going to give you the parting advice I received from a very good friend in Portland when we said goodbye before I moved….

“Live your life loving deeply, and taking big risks for the Lord!” -Kerrin

Ever since that day I have strived to live my life that way. Because it’s what the Lord has called us to do. Because it made so much sense to me. And because it really is the best way to live!

So… Go out there and love deeply and take those big risks for the Lord. It’s worth it! He is worth it!


2 thoughts on “Can I Quote You??

  1. That was a wise statement your friend gave you when you left Portland. Saw that you had visited my site Deliciously Inspired and thought I’d pop over for a few minutes. It’s pretty neat the way we say Howdy through our blogs. Looking forward to getting to know you. God bless.

    • It is very neat the way we say howdy! It’s quite fun too! I’m just starting out on the getting to know other bloggers thing! Thanks for stopping by! Hope to chat with you more!

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