Uncomfortable Flutters…

maybloggingI’ve decided to jump on in to this blog every day in May challenge… Even though I’ve missed the first two days… Day 1 was supposed to be about yourself… So you can check out my about me page for that… Day 2 was blog about something you know a lot about or are good at and for that you can see this post if you feel so inclined…

Today’s topic is….. Things that make me uncomfortable…. So here is my list…. inevitably with some explanations because we all know I can’t not explain things!

1. Office Politics… And office gossip… I never know what to say or do because I don’t want to be involved… I don’t really fit in in offices… So I usually just sit quietly while trying to find a good exit point!

2. Phone calls… Not to friends or family… But doctors, restaurants, etc.

3. Certain new social settings… Sometimes I’m a little socially awkward… And so sometimes going somewhere where I’m meeting new people and have to carry conversations with them I get uncomfortable… But only certain ones… Because I packed up and moved to Texas not knowing a soul here and it didn’t make me uncomfortable at all!

4. People waiting on me to finish peeing, or someone in the stall next to mine…

5. Certain times when parents are disciplining their children. Not when they are little kids. But past 7-8 years old… So I just stand there awkwardly hoping it’s over soon and doesn’t blow up into a huge scene…. Or I try to walk into another room…

6. Being hit on… Even more uncomfortable when it’s someone who I wouldn’t be interested in even if I knew them…

There are a whole lot more things that make me uncomfortable… But I think this is a pretty good list! What are some things that make y’all uncomfortable??



2 thoughts on “Uncomfortable Flutters…

  1. LOL at #6!! And so ironic that you feel awkward when parents discipline their children… You must have felt awkward at my house when we were kids ALL the time! Hahaha

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