I Guess I’m Blessed!

Man it has been awhile since I’ve done an I guess I’m blessed post. But I’m here today!

First up is a not so big one. But as I’m writing this post on my phone I’m sipping on a vanilla coke from sonic!! And it is mighty tasty! So I am pretty thankful for that.

Last night we had our neighbor over for our weekly dinner. This week Lydia and I didn’t know what to make so we got on Pinterest of course to find something to make! And I found a recipe for chicken bacon ranch pizza casserole. And it sounded really good. So that’s what we made! I am on my phone typing this so I’ll add a link to the recipe tomorrow. It was very good. So I am very thankful that it turned out good! And I’m thankful for the good time we had with our neighbor!

And thirdly I am thankful for this life the Lord has blessed me with. The good, the bad, the busyness, the slow times. All of it!! And I’m thankful that He is on this journey with me and doesn’t just leave me to figure everything out on my own, or leave me to deal with it all alone! He is there all the time! So thankful!! And so incredibly blessed!!


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