My God’s Not Dead!!!!

This weekend we had our D-Now youth retreat! It’s an in town retreat where the youth stay at a church members house and we have home sessions and also we partner with another church for worship times, a guest speaker, and fun and games. And God showed up big time all weekend long! I just want to give you a couple highlights from the weekend.

I lead the girls from my churches home sessions again this year. Our session lessons were all from the beatitudes. We talked about how we have a fundamental need for God, that we need Him in everyday life, and we need Him for salvation, and we need Him to be able to live according to His commands. We talked about what it means to hunger and thirst for righteousness. And how with that comes us stopping our pursuit of things sometimes and that Christ is worth that cost. And the final session we talked about allowing Christ to work through us to meet others emotional, physical, and spiritual needs. And that we need to be servants. And so we ended this session with foot washing. Jess and Laura’s daughter was hanging out with us for the day, she is 5 years old. And as I started washing the girls feet she comes up and asks if she could wash their feet as well. And I don’t know what the girls thought about this or whether or not it even affected them. But I can’t put in to words how much it affected me. It touched my heart for sure. And it was such a good reminder that people (and kids) are following in my example, and how I can point them to Christ through my life . She saw me washing their feet, and she wanted to do it. I know she doesn’t fully understand it. But it’s never too early to start learning. It was just very much a “this is what leadership is” moment.

At these D-Now retreats we always do some sort of mission project. This year we were partnering with Core Luv (linked to their site). They are on the ground in Haiti feeding orphans. Each group (there were 10 total) were given the task to take the $20.00 the leaders gave us and turn it into $40.00. If every group did that we would have $400 and that’s enough to feed a kid in Haiti for a full year (they don’t just feed them they provide- food, clean water, shelter, education, job skills training, and healthcare). Right as they sent all the groups out the storm started. It was the one of the worst storms we’ve had in my area of Texas in the last two-three years. There was hail, and sideways sheets of rain, and crazy flooding, crazy lightning and thunder…. Except in the area that all the groups were in. In our area it rained pretty hard for about 30 minutes but not enough to flood or anything like that, and then it quit. Most of the groups got family and friend donations and then went door to door asking people to donate… Want to guess how much was brought in??? When they totalled the cash that was brought in it was over $2300.00!!!! The Lord showed up big time, from curbing the storm where we all were, to bringing in all the money! And he did it through the youth at the retreat. Allowing them to see that He can use them to do His will, and that they can accomplish big things through Him!!!!

When it came to the altar call at the last service Saturday evening 7 youth stood up and said I want to be saved!



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