A Whole Lotta Info!

First up the answers to the guess that quote game! Apparently it was harder than I thought… Next time I’ll try to go easier!

1. The Parent Trap (Lindsey lohan edition)
2. Sydney White
3. Oceans 11 (I apologize on this one I had the quote a little wrong)
4. The Princess Diaries
5. Camp Nowhere (which probably was a little unfair since this movie is so old and it wasn’t a huge hit really)
6. The Wedding Planner (classic!)
7. Grumpy Old Men (good ol’ gramps)
8. She’s The Man
9. Employee of the Month (and pretty much one of the greatest quotes ever!)
10. While You Were Sleeping

Alright now that that’s out-of-the-way! Let’s get down to business….

Basically I’m busy. And have been busy since I got back from my trip, and will be busy for another couple of weeks! But it’s ok… I love everything I’m doing… It just probably there will be a lack of blogging! But I have missed I Guess I’m Blessed two weeks in a row. So for sure next week that will be up! I’m not promising much more…

This weekend is D-Now. Our in town retreat for our youth group. Our theme this year is Inheritance. And we are camping around the beatitudes. So if you think about it at all either Tonight or Tomorrow or even Sunday morning, say a couple of prayers for the Lord’s hand to be all over the weekend!


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