California Recap!

So I’ve realized I’m bad at vacation recaps here on the blog… That’s why I haven’t blogged and I’ve been back since late Monday night… Mostly I try to write them, and then I get bored writing them… So I think if I’m bored writing this, aren’t people going to be bored reading it? And my answer to that is always yes! So then I don’t want to write them… Maybe I should learn to summarize more… But I like to explain things… So then my summaries turn into full on stories… Anywho… With all that being said… Here is my attempt at a Summarized California Recap!pupsWednesday evening- Best friend time! We went out to eat dinner and have a drink. I got a hypnotini (hypnotic, pineapple juice, pineapple rum, and vodka) she got a rum and coke, they were both good! And we got delicious food! All the while talking about life and catching up and enjoying being face to face!normandmeThursday- My mom and I went shopping! Ate In’n’Out.  And had a good day together. We hung around the house that afternoon. Had dinner with my dad that night, and I watched some tv with them that evening.

Friday- Was going to have lunch with Normy, but of course everything that could go wrong at work for her that day did, so she wasn’t able to get away. So I grabbed a subway sandwich and headed off to Morro Bay sooner than I had planned. It was a wonderful drive over to the beach! I met up with my parents and my brother and his fiancé and all the people already up there for the wedding the next day. My mom and the girls were dipping cake pops in the frosting. That night my parents, Brendan, and I  went to dinner with my aunt, uncle, grandma, and grandpa. It was a good time, and lots of laughter was had. When we got back to the campground I went and watched the sunset! And man was it pretty! Then after that I sat around the camp fire with some of our camping family and my uncle serenaded us with His guitar (I haven’t heard him play in forever, so I thoroughly enjoyed it!)

Saturday- Filled with everything wedding! Got up showered, went to the house to get my hair done. Got dressed. Went to the beach for the ceremony. Then we rode the trolley over to the brewery for the reception. The reception was a really good time! I varied my time between family, camping family, and friends. Got to hang out with precious little Sawyer, and dance with him. And just all around had a good time on a beautiful day outside celebrating Scotty and Heather!hair for the weddingsiblingsSunday- Got up way early to head back to town for Church. Had another wonderful drive back, so beautiful! Enjoyed worshipping the Lord with the Westside family. The sermon was out of Daniel, and enjoyed learning some history in there as well! After church I hung around and talked with people there. After that I went to Dani’s birthday party! Hanging with the Reyna/Wammack clan was a good time! Then that evening I went to Sal’s for dinner with my parents! Ate some delicious chips and salsa, and chili verde! Mmm so good!SalsMonday- Got up, got ready, and then my mom and I headed over to Sierra Running Company so I could take a look at their selection of running shoes. Found a pair I liked so I got them. Then we headed over to have lunch with my dad. We went to Mimi’s Café! I sure do love that place as well! They have amazing food! After saying goodbye to my dad my mom took me to the airport. And after saying goodbye to her I walked in checked my bag and went through security to wait for my first flight. Got delayed in Denver for 2 hours, but finally made it home and crashed!shoes and denver


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