The day before vacation!

1 day!!!! (technically 1 and 1/2, since I don’t leave till the afternoon, but lets not get technical here..) 1 Day!!!!!!!!! Yup that’s right I leave in 1 day! So excited!!!!

I have yet to pack… But let’s be honest, who packs before the night before… No one! I did however make my packing list last night… So that’s a step! But before I go to bed tonight I will have 1. worked out 2. packed! Hopefully that still puts me to bed at a decent hour!

Then tomorrow I’ll work in the morning and then leave at lunch time for the airport! Then I’ll fly fly fly!

To finish up the Cali Countdown… #1 This girl 42Yes that’s right. Tomorrow night the bestie and I will be re-united! It’s going to be amazing!


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