Chalk Full Of Excitement

Well ladies and gents…. I hope you didn’t think once I caught up on my countdown I was going to stay with it… Because you would be thoroughly disappointed if you did… And that would make me sad… Even though I had every intention of keeping up with it once I got caught up… But the time got away from me on Friday… And Saturday and Sunday… Well I’ll talk about those later…

So here we go catching up the countdown yet again!
#5- Seeing my Aunt and Uncle… Especially since I am not able to make it to their wedding this summer!
#4- Friends- For the first time in forever I have not booked all my time up prior to getting home. So because of that I don’t know what all friends I am going to get to see… But I’m excited to see them!
#3- The drive over to the beach! In November when Normy and I went, it was pretty foggy on the way up, and mostly dark on the way back. So I didn’t get to enjoy much of the scenery! Excited to see it all this time!
#2 (I leave in 2 days!!!!!!!!)- I get to see my family in 2 days!!… I know I know I already listed them! But it’s my countdown so I say I can list them yet again!

Now back to my weekend!!!

Saturday, the roommie and I got up and worked out of course. Saturday morning tradition… Then we packed up and headed to the beach for the day! We first went to Freeport… Walked a couple of miles down the beach turned around walked back, sat and ate lunch. After that we headed over to Surfside beach and that’s were we found a spot parked and set up for the rest of the afternoon. The day started off a little chilly but when the clouds burned off it became a really nice day! Not nice enough to be in the water, but nice enough to lay out, read, and nap! It was a glorious day!!

Sunday I went to church, which was really good. The Lord was there and one of our new youth got saved! So exciting!! Then we had lunch. And all afternoon some ladies got together to do a photoshoot for our upcoming Celebration of Friends event! It was a lot of fun! Most of the time though I was playing with little Ava. She is adorable! We played in the backyard with sidewalk chalk, and we played on the slide! All around fun!

So all around a great weekend! Now I just have tomorrow and half of Wednesday of work and then I’m peacing out to Cali! See you tomorrow with the last day of my California Countdown!


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