Catching Up That Countdown

So when I started my California countdown I had every intention of keeping up with it, even on the weekends when I typically don’t blog… And I failed…. But that’s ok because I’m here today to catch us up! So get ready for some California excitement that’s been building up! Again there is no real order to this list, just whatever comes to my mind for that day!

#15- Going to church! Yup you can bet your bottom dollar that I will be getting up early Sunday morning and leaving the beach to get back to town in time for church! Ever since the I left for college in P-town every visit home included going to church. I think there was maybe only 1 trip where I didn’t get to go because I was flying out too early on Sunday  I make it a priority because a. going to church, to spend time worshiping God in His presence is a priority for me and b. because I love the people. I love getting to worship the Lord with them, and getting to talk and catch up afterward. They have continued to love and support me even though I moved to Texas, and didn’t move home, even though I only get to see them usually once a year.

#14 Mom’s cooking! My mom is a really good cook, and baker! And I always look forward to getting to eat her food! (And yes I am excited to see her too, but that one is for a different day’s excitement!)

#13 Mountains…. My parents live in a valley… Aka they are surrounded by mountains… And usually you can at least see a few sets of the mountains on any given day (sometimes the smog is so bad you can’t see any). Not only will I get to see them. I’ll get to drive through some on the way to the beach! And living here in flat Texas I miss mountains!

#12 My brother’s wedding… He’s getting married. Enough said!

#11 Seeing my grandparents! They will be at the wedding. And I’ll get to spend some decent time with them!

#10 Playing cards and games. My dad and I always play cards when I’m home. And sometimes when my brothers are there we play games like rummikub. It’s always so fun!

#9 Getting to hang out with Daniel, Wendi, Keeli, and Dani! Man oh man I’m excited. I miss them tremendously! We’ve been friends for a very long time. And I love their adorable daughter’s to death! I am so stinkin excited!

#8 My mom and dad! I’m excited to see them for sure! I love and miss them! And I know they miss me. And because we will be camping (if only for 2 days) that means we will get extended time together! Super nice for all of us!

#7 My brothers! I love them! And though we won’t get much time together this trip, I will cherish every moment. I’m so glad we have all gotten to the age where we can be friends, instead of catty fighting siblings… Don’t get me wrong we still fight, and drive our parents crazy by playing got you last in the house (where every time someone gets hurt or something gets broken)… But we have fun together and I’m so glad for it!

And that brings us to today!!! 6 days till I leave! Yes that’s right it’s less than a week away! Ahhhhh I’m so excited! And today what I’m excited about… Shopping with my Mom! I’ve recently come to enjoy shopping… A little too much at that… But I need a few more summer shirts and I thought it would be fun to go out with my mom to find some! We haven’t been shopping together in a very long time… And we’ve never been shopping together since I turned girly… It’s going to be a blast!


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