I’m changing things up around here! And I’d say it’s about time! I was getting bored with my layout, theme, etc. So I decided I’m going to start learning how to actually use WordPress! As in more than just posting a blog, and changing the theme background.

If you notice over there —> I have an about me section! Yup I figured out how to do it without even googling it! And though it wasn’t that hard I still feel pretty accomplished! There are a few more things I would like to learn about how to use WordPress and the things you can do with it… So in the coming weeks lets hope I can figure it all out :)!

I know I’ve been slacking here on the blog. With I.G.I.B and with my California countdown… But I have not been slacking in my Read Through the Bible in a year plan! I hit 25% of the way through the other day! I was pretty excited about that! And I have been enjoying reading through the Bible. I haven’t read the OT for a while and I’m seeing new things and learning new things. It’s been good!biblereadthroughSo with that said… I’ll be back tomorrow for I Guess I’m Blessed, and then on Thursday to catch up on my California countdown!!



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