Weekend Shenanigans

Well hello! I hope y’all had a good weekend! Mine was very good! But before I get to highlights of that let’s yet again play catch-up on my countdown to California! (Something I’m realizing is going to be happening every Monday since I don’t blog on weekends!).

#18 Camping!- With the exception of my “1 night” camping trip on my Portland trip (which I need to write a post about someday, because the story is awesome) I have not been camping in a very long time! So I am excited!

#17 Beach!- I just love the beach! What can I say I’m part Cali girl at heart! I go to the Gulf of Mexico here when I need the ocean… But I’m excited to see the Pacific yet again! I sure do miss that Ocean!

#16 (aka I leave in 16 days!!!! Ahh soooo excited!) Sal’s Mexican Restaurant!- Mmm so excited! They have THE BEST salsa! Something I miss here in Texas (I haven’t found a place with good salsa yet). And some chili verde!

And now on to my weekend! What did I do? Well it was filled with working my muscles out, relaxing, a Walmart trip, a lecture on CS Lewis, church, and more church! It was good…. Here are some highlights with their explanations of course!

purple elephantMy roommate gave this to me this weekend. She bought a frame for it while we were out and about and then gave it to me after we got home… Isn’t She adorable!!!! And she put lots of symbols in it just for me! And gave the Her a shamrock tattoo on her left foot too! I need a name for her though… Any suggestions?

sun montageSo you all know I love taking pictures of the Texas sky! The Lord just paints some beautiful skies. A while ago I decided I wanted to get an Ikea frame and print off a bunch of the pictures I’ve taken of the sky since moving here and put them in the frame. Well… I finally did it this weekend! And let me just tell you it looks awesome!!!! Now just need to hang it up on the wall!

wine#1So my best friend Normy works at a winery… And she went to Napa for work and got to try a bunch of wines that they make and all that fun stuff… So after hearing about it from her I realized something… How fun would it be to do “Normy and Juliann do wine country!” Pretty sure it would be a blast! The only problem is… I don’t like wine… So after sharing this idea with Normy and having her confirm that it would be AMAZING, I decided I needed to start trying wines when they are available… That’s not very often but it’s better than nothing…

So then this weekend Lydia and I were at the 99cents only store… And this lovely blue drink bottle caught my attention… You see I love blue drinks! Hypnotic and pineapple juice yes please! Blue Curacao with lemonade and sprite yup! And lots of others as well! I just like blue…. So naturally I went over to see what it was. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it was wine! Who has ever heard of blue wine? Not me… So I just had to buy it of course! Haven’t tried it yet (we are going to have it at our next neighbor dinner), but I’ll let you know how it is… I know it’s probably going to be terrible considering it was $1 and at the 99cents only store… But it is going to be wine#1 of my learning to like wine.


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