Let’s Write Letters On Friday


Dear Lord: Thank you for you never-ending love and grace!

Dear Leg Soreness: I never thought I would see the day where I was so excited to feel you… And by so excited I really mean SO EXCITED!!!!!! Guess taking almost 4 weeks off will do that to ya!

Dear New Coral Flats: I simply adore you! You are too cute!

Dear Exercise Bike: I’m coming for you again tomorrow morning! So get ready!

Dear Book: I am so excited to finish you at lunch today! You have been such a good book! Don’t let me down with your ending!

Dear California: 19 days! Officially in the teens! And my excitement is growing for you everyday. The #19 thing I’m looking forward to for this trip…. Actually being in California for adorable Dani’s birthday! That has never happened before! Granted I will be at the beach for my brother’s wedding on her birthday… But that’s closer than I’ve ever been before!


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