Rodeo Run And Now

So remember a long time ago when I talked about the weekend going to rock because of the Rodeo run?? And Remember how I kept making mention of our 10k… Ya well that happened almost 4 weeks ago… And I just realized I never posted about it! Say what?? I know terrible blogger status right there…

Ok so here are the deets… (I can’t believe I just said deets, instead of details… forgive me please!)… February 23 was the Rodeo Run… And we decided to do the 10k this year… For some crazy reason… But we did it!!!! We both ran the entire way! Lydia finished in 1:07:07 and I finished in 1:07:37

It was a course with hills but for the most part we felt pretty good throughout. There was 1 hill around the 4 mile mark that was killer, and then the final hill which was at probably the 5.5 mile mark was a little hard. But we made it through! The ending was a little confusing though. They had the 5k finish first. Which I kind of remembered that it was going to be that way from looking at the race course, but then Lydia started the final kicking push for that finish, so I thought well maybe it is our finish, so I kinda started to follow her… Only to realize that it was the 5k finish. So I slowed up, because I realized we hadn’t even hit the 6 mile marker. And I can’t sprint for very long. But Lydia kept going at a speedier pace. So that’s why she finished 30 seconds before me. Which I am totally ok with. Because really the only part I hate about races is the last part where everyone sprints… I LOATHE sprinting, like really loathe it… So I like to wait until there is only 0.2 left of the race before I start sprinting. Whereas Lydia likes to start once she catches sight of the finish line, crazy girl!
Rodeo RunSo this picture was obviously taken way after we finished, hence why the clock says 1:50. But we figured we needed a picture with the finish line before we left! So there you have it! Our first 10K

But since the rodeo run… I haven’t done anything exercise wise… Shocking I know… But I somehow hurt my foot during the run. I don’t know when or how… But that evening it was killing me to walk… And it hurt all the way until last week. When I finally made a dr appointment is when it quit hurting… of course… Short story is, it was probably a small fracture… And it’s healing… But starting today I am getting back to exercising!! (with dr’s permission) Now don’t worry I’m not running yet… I’m just going to hop on one of these bad boys

Source: Picture is linked to website

Source: Picture is linked to website

And I’ll probably start doing all my strength building exercises for my legs as well… I’m going to hold off on running for another week to two weeks, maybe longer… Just to be on the safe side!

But by the time I go to California, ya know in 20 days, I should be running again… So the #20 thing I’m excited for about my trip to California???? Taking a run around my parents neighborhood. Running around there is always fun…. Because my parents still live in the house I grew up in. So when I take a run I usually go on the same streets I used to ride bikes down with my best friend and her sister. I see houses of people I went to elementary school with. All the memories of the 18 years I lived in that neighborhood come flooding back. And it makes the run that much more enjoyable!



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