Discussions, VMars, and some very cute faces!

blogbutton2.2Good Morning! Before I get into what I’ve been blessed by/thankful for this week… And before y’all read any farther…. Take a moment and think of some of the things you’ve been blessed by/thankful for this week!…………….. Got them? Good! It’s always good to put on attitudes of gratitude, even if only for a moment.

First up this week is this blog post/rant and the conversations it has spurred… Between Chad and I, and also the conversations I’ve had with my roommate about it. It was a good reminder for me because my focus had not been coming into the presence of God in church. By focusing on other aspects, and I need to do this, this and this, or serve in this way I was unintentionally forgetting that church needed to be about coming into the presence of God, and worshipping in the midst of that.  And the conversations that have been spurred because of this post/rant have been fruitful I would say. Bouncing questions and ideas off each other, causing the other person to think. It has been fun! To add-on to these discussions the chapter of the book Mrs. Nancy and I are going through in our study this week related to these discussions. So it was cool to add another dimension to them. So I’m thankful for the reminder for my own life, and for the fruitful discussions that are developing out of it.

Next up is a little bit silly but still…. I’m thankful that lots of people have donated and continue to donate money to make the Veronica Mars movie happen!!!! I am so excited about this! Like busting a gut excited! I love VMars… Like really love… As in I rewatch the entire series usually once a year…. And every time it ends I get sad because it leaves you on some pretty big cliff hangers, and because there is no more VMars left. So I’m excited to have a better ending and just that there will be new VMars to watch! It shall be interesting!

I’m also feeling thankful that it is now 21 days until California!!!!! I’m grateful that in 21 days I’ll get to see these cute faces!

noraemma2Now I know I share this picture a lot… But I just can’t get over how cute they are!… And that folks is how you combine a countdown with an “I Guess I’m Blessed” post!

What can I say… I guess I’m Blessed!


One thought on “Discussions, VMars, and some very cute faces!

  1. Thanks for reposting my rant. I am glad that it has lead to good discussion. I totally understand the feeling/thoughts of “I need to do this, this and this, or serve in this way.” As a pastor it is really easy to get focused on all of the stuff that needs to get done and forget about my personal interaction with God. I have, like you are going to, been trying to keep my mind and heart on God’s presence. Sometimes this means getting things done, but sometimes it means not worrying about things that need to get done.

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