St Patrick’s Day

Before I get into recapping my St. Patrick’s Day gotta share my countdown for the day. Today is 22 days till I get to California! 22 means we are almost into the teens! So the #22 thing I’m excited for/looking forward too…. Sleeping in my bed! My bed at home is Aaaa-mazing! It is so soft, and cozy, and welcoming. It’s a pillow top mattress. I just love it!

Alright now on to St. Patrick’s Day… It was a pretty low-key day. But I enjoyed it.outfitFirst up was church! Man it was good! The sermons was on 2 John and how truth and love go hand in hand. How you can’t have Truth without love, and you can’t have love without Truth. The Truth is Jesus, and He is love. Man it was just so good!

Then we went to lunch at Lynne’s house. It was the first lunch in her new place! And it was soooo good! We had roast, and mashed potatoes, and carrots, and bread… There was also broccoli, and someone who came brought some fried chicken and biscuits from popeyes as well, but I didn’t eat any of that :). But the roast, mashed potatoes, carrots, bread and gravy… MMMM soooo good! It’s definitely one of our favorite Sunday Lunch meals!

After getting lunch cleaned up I headed out to meet with Mrs. Nancy for our bible study. It was a good time catching up on life (we haven’t met for a month) and discussing the book we are reading and praying.

I went home after that. And I watched some of the LA Galaxy soccer game. It was pretty boring because neither team was playing particularly well. So I turned it off and Lydia and I headed off to Half Price Books since we had a 50% your most expensive item coupon! And we just love that place! I got two books off the $1 rack and then went over to the movie section. Where I picked up Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation, which I have been searching for since October of last year! I got another movie that I don’t remember what it is right at this moment. And then I found the ultimate find of the day! awesome findCamp Nowhere! I don’t know any of you remembers this movie… But I happen to LOVE  this movie. When I was a kid any time it was on the movie channels or on anywhere on TV I would put it on. Didn’t matter what part of the movie it was on, even if there were 10 minutes left, it still went on! And I think we had recorded it back in the day on VHS. But that tape is long gone by now, and really who watches VHS’s anymore? So this find = AMAZING! It was also on the clearance rack! Double bonus because it was only $2!!!

After Half Price we did some grocery shopping. And then we got Shamrock Shakes! We had tried to get these on Friday night, but the McD’s we went to did not have the mint syrup… Which I thought was dumb since they have been advertising it and had signs up about it and all that. And it wasn’t just that they ran out, they just didn’t have it… Anywho we succeeded in getting them on St. Patrick’s Day! And it was very very good! A much better substitute for green beer. Especially since I don’t like regular beer in the first place!

Then that evening around 8pm…. We got rid of St. Patrick’s Day… And by that I mean I took down all the decorations in our apartment… Can you believe it? I didn’t even wait until the next day… And that is because St. Patrick’s Day this year is so close to another holiday that we want to decorate for and enjoy…mirror


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