Playing Catch-Up

I had every intention on posting my excited for countdown the last two days… And it didn’t happen… So here’s to playing catch-up

#25 family photoI’m excited to take family photo’s… The photo above is not the last time we took them, but it’s the 2nd to last time. And as you can see it’s been awhile since we have taken family photo’s… I think I was 6 or 7 in this photo.. Maybe… I don’t remember… In any case… I’m 24 now… All that to say… get ready family!!


innoutOf course In-N-Out is on this list! No trip to California is ever complete without it! And I need to get my fix in somehow! I was telling my roommate the other day it’s a good thing I’m going to Cali soon, because otherwise I would need to plan a day trip to Dallas to get In-N-Out!

#23 And now for today’s!
This one doesn’t have a picture… But it’s still on the list! This is the first trip to California in years that isn’t for a holiday (I’m counting summer breaks as holidays)… Before this it was my senior year in college when I went home for “my birthday” (in quotes because really the trip was to meet Emma Kate since my parents had just gotten her). Yes this trip is for my brother’s wedding… But there will be no holiday crowds, or crazy black friday deals, or crowds of people on spring break trips. It’s just going to be normal days in California… Ahhh it will be nice!

So there you have it! Countdown caught up! Come back tomorrow for St Patrick’s Day Shenanigans!



2 thoughts on “Playing Catch-Up

    • Lol whenever I see that picture I’m reminded of what a brat I was… I threw the biggest fit about wearing the purple shirt under my overalls… I wanted to wear a black shirt like my brothers… Lol.
      And I will be so jealous if you get in-n-out for dinner!

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