Starting A Serious Countdown!

So as you all probably know yesterday was Pie Day!!!! I’m a nerd at heart so I love pie day! But in all my years living on pie day, as far as I can remember, I hadn’t ever had any pie on pie day… But yesterday that all changed! Because I had pie! And it was really good pie too! Boo-ya! I also made sure that everyone who was at dinner at our apartment last night knew the significance of eating pie on pie day! Except our reason for eating pie was not because it was pie day… But I still say it counts!


In case you were wondering how many days it is until I leave for California… I decided to start a countdown of things that I either love about California, or am excited about seeing, doing, experiencing. So since there are 26 days until I leave…. Here is #26 (side note: these will not be in any particular order, they will just be whatever I happen to think of that day)

clam chowderClam chowder from Splash Cafe!! My brother is getting married on the beach… It’s not Pismo beach. But the beach he is getting married on is not too far from Pismo… So you can bet I will find a way to pop on over to Pismo, or even SLO to eat some of this delicious soup! Because let’s be honest… I will drive pretty dang far just to eat something I love!



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