Remind Me!

blogbutton2.2Jumping right in to my attitude of gratitude today! And first thing I am thankful for is the little reminder app on my iPhone. If you remember shortly after starting this weekly feature (like the second or third week of it) I forgot all about it (as did my bestie Normy!). So realizing I probably would have a bad track record with this weekly feature I set a little reminder in my phone for every Wednesday, reminding me that it’s I guess I’m blessed time! Fast forward to today… I don’t even think I realized it was Wednesday…. And then beep beep beep my phone starts making noise… My trusty little reminder reminding me it’s I guess I’m blessed Wednesday! Thankful for that today!

I cut my hair last week. Y’all already know this. But yesterday is the first time I tried going curly. It also was only the 2nd time washing my hair since getting it cut, but that doesn’t actually matter. So after washing it yesterday morning I put some moose in and twirled a few pieces, took the blow dry to my bangs and left the apartment hoping for the best! And it actually turned out pretty cute. I should have probably done a little more twirling work, but for a first time I’d say it turned out great. The real test though was how it would look after I slept on it. I must have at least 2 days of curls, because I don’t wash my hair every day (sometimes it’s every other sometimes every 3, just depends). So I got up this morning thinking “it’s going to look terrible,” “I’m going to have to wash it again…” etc… But when I got to the mirror…. They looked cute still! And man oh man was I thankful! For many reasons. 1. For getting my hair cut, because my 2nd day curls were no longer working, and because my first day curls weren’t looking so hot either. 2. I didn’t have to wash my hair again, that’s always a plus. 3. That I know 2nd day curls work again! aka I get more sleep! Blessed! and 4. That I have a hairdresser that cuts my hair in a way that looks cute both straight and curly!

And last but not least…. I am thankful that in 28 Days I will be leaving for CALIFORNIA! My last trip was not long enough, and not that this trip is going to be long enough either… But it’s an extra trip home this year that I don’t normally take! Meaning I get to see all the people who I love dearly an extra time this year!

I’ll tell you what… I guess I’m BLESSED!



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