A Little Bit Of Sunrise Crunch

blogbutton2.2Well it is Wednesday yet again! And it’s time to put on our attitudes of gratitude! Make sure to head on over to Stormy Normy’s blog later this evening or tomorrow to see what she is blessed by this week as well!

As I was driving to work this morning I looked in my rear-view mirror and what did I see? A beautiful sunrise behind me! I was so tempted to take a picture of it while I was driving, but I refrained. I waited until I got to work to take it. Now it wasn’t was pretty as it was before but it was still beautiful! I am so thankful for the Lord’s artwork! It brings me so much joy in the mornings and in the evenings as the sun sets. The sunrises and sunsets are one of the many reasons why I love Texas, and why I feel so blessed to live here!02-27-13Another thing I’m thankful for? Captain Crunch! I know this seems silly… But I really am thankful for it. Granted it’s not the healthiest breakfast… However sometimes you just need a little captain crunch in your life… For me that has been last week and this week. And let me just say I have thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast this last week! So, thanks to the Captain!

I’m thankful that it’s Rodeo time! It provides a whole lot of fun! Like the 10K Rodeo Run that Lydia and I did this past weekend! Also our awesome neighbor had free tickets to the Gary Allen concert last night so after our weekly dinner we headed on over! We got to see all the normal Rodeo events and Muttin Bustin!! My fav! So thankful for that! And saw a good show! Since we signed up for the Rodeo Run super early we got free tickets to the carnival and livestock show part of the Rodeo so when we use those we will be getting our eat on as well! Thankful for corn dogs and funnel cakes from the carnival! Yum Yum!

And here are a few other things I’m thankful for this week: tax refunds, paying off student loans, cowboy boots, cookies, and playing drums!

Man… I Guess I’m Blessed!



One thought on “A Little Bit Of Sunrise Crunch

  1. Ahh! So jealous you get to go to the rodeo! I’m about to move to Texas and I wish I had gotten things rolling sooner so I could have been there in time to go! Next year!

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