Go Texan Day!

fridaylettersnewDear Go Texan Day- Pretty much you rock my world! I love that you exist. And I even participated in you this year… Cute lace dress, skinny jeans, and my cowboy boots! outfitsmushDear H&M- I wish your store would carry the cute stuff I find online… Case in point: cute shoesThese shoes… I need them in my closet.

Dear iPhone- I will not update to iOS 6 or any 6.whatever’s until either you or Nike+running figure out a fix for being able to make playlists for podcasts… So no need to keep telling me that I have an update.update

Dear Pups-pupsI miss your cute faces and our cuddle times! But April will be here soon enough and I’ll get to have your slobber all over me once again!

Dear Weekend- You are going to rock! 10K and ladies night at the horse track tomorrow. And church and stuff Sunday! Let’s Go!



One thought on “Go Texan Day!

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