St. Patrick’s Day Decorations

We all know how much I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day… Pretty much my favorite non-Jesus holiday! And if you’ve known me for a while you know I have lots of stuff for St. Patrick’s day, like shoes, clothes, light up earings, a tiara, etc. And you also know that last year we put up a tree with St. Patrick’s Day ornaments.

So this year I felt we needed to do more. Especially since we have a mantal now! Also I went to pinterest and saw cute wreaths like this, and this. And saw cute mantel’s like this, this, and this. I decided it needed to happen in our apartment too!

So here are our creations. Definitely we could have more, but we also didn’t want to spend a fortune…

mantelSo the flower’s were ones we already had from when we first put our mantal up. Then as we were making ornaments (which I will show you later) I remembered we had the long toothpicks and thought “oh it would be cute to make sticks to come out of the bottles too.” So Since the shamrocks, the leprechaun’s, and the legs were all stickers we just stuck them on either side of the long toothpicks and stuck them in our bottles.
The tulle I got from Hobby Lobby, and the glittery shamrock’s and things inside it Lydia got at the dollar store.
The day’s until St. Patrick’s Day I got out of the Target $1 bins 4 or 5 years ago I think. You can tell this picture was taken a few days ago because the actual countdown is 24 days!!!!
The hanging shamrock with the Irish blessing was a gift from my friend Linda.
The garland strung through came from the dollar store last year.

wreathThe wreath outline thing (I don’t know what it’s called) came from Hobby Lobby, as did the green fabric I used to wrap the outline thing and the tulle. The shamrock’s we had from last year, again probably from the dollar store. The sign was made from a piece of cardboard. Lydia cut out the shape and then painted it. She also was the one who put the tulle on nice and pretty. Ok to be honest the only part I had in this wreath was wrapping the green fabric on the outline thing. After that Lydia took over! I just watched and said “that looks good!”

treeAnd here is our tree!
The lights (that twinkle as well) came from Hobby Lobby.
The ornaments we made. I got the sticker’s (which I didn’t know they were sticker’s when I bought them) at Hobby Lobby. And I bought some shamrock ribbon to use as the hanger. We just used scissors to punch holes in the foam stickers and strung the ribbon through and tied a knot. In hindsight we should have stuck the sticker’s together and then strung the ribbon through because on most of them now the back is just the white sticker backing.. but oh well, live and learn!
We also had the ornaments from last year that we made with cardstock cut out in shamrock shapes string with fishing line.
We had a lot of tulle left over so we used it as a tree skirt! And put some more glittery shamrocks and things on for extra cuteness!

We have a few other things up here and there. But these are the main big things! Hope you get inspired to decorate your own place for St. Patrick’s Day now!!

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