Telephones, Decorations, and Life!

blogbutton2.2Happy Wednesday! I’m here, I have my attitude of gratitude on, and I’m excited! I am also pretty sure my lovely co-host Stormy Normy is joining us today. So make sure to visit her blog as well!! (although her post probably won’t be up till this evening). As always feel free to join us by leaving comments, or by posting your own blog!

On Monday evening I had not just one but two phone dates with friends from P-town. They were both sooo good! It was so nice being able to catch up with their lives and tell them about mine. And just to laugh together, talk about the Lord together, and just all that goes with catching up. I don’t do this nearly enough with all my friends from P-town. But I am so thankful that our friendships go deeper than that, and that when we do finally get to talk we pick up right where we left off and catch each other up!

As you saw on Facebook Lydia and I decorated our apartment for St. Patrick’s Day! Which is in 25 days! So I am pretty excited about that! And I’m thankful for a roommate that puts up with my obsession with St. Patrick’s Day and allows me to plaster green all over our apartment for the month!

This one may sound a little weird at first, but I’ll explain and it may make more sense after that. I am thankful that I have fallen 2-3 weeks behind on all the tv shows that I watch. The reason I’ve fallen behind is I’ve been busy doing other stuff. Other stuff as in hanging out with friends or neighbors, going to Bible Studies, or church, road-tripping, my roommates client-counseling competition. Basically participating in life and having a blast!

And now just some listed things I’m thankful for… Books, friends, laughter, running, shamrocks, spaghetti, music, and drums.

What can I say… I Guess I’m Blessed!




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