Grab A Pen And Write!

fridaylettersnewHappy Friday! I’m not feeling as sassy as I was last Friday so I figured I could write some letters today!

Dear Lord: Thank you for extending your love, grace, and mercy on us even though we do not deserve even a sliver of it!

Dear Weekend: You are weekend #3 of 4 of being booked solid! Hope you are as good as the last two!

Dear St. Patrick’s Day Decorations: You are for sure going up this weekend. Tree, Ornaments, Twinkle lights, Banner, Signs, Wreath… The whole shebang! And I could not be more excited!!

Dear Old Navy: You are seriously going to be the death of me… Why must you be putting out such cute stuff lately??

Dear Taxes: You will be complete before the weekend is over!

Dear 10k: We are going to rock you next weekend! So get yourself ready!!

Dear NormyI miss you! Thanks for our convo the other night! And I promise within the next week your Christmas present will be in the mail!! Hold me to it!

Dear Mommy: I hope you start feeling better soon. The flu is no fun at all!

Dear Everyone: I hope y’all have a fabulous weekend!




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