San Antonio!

IMG_2520Well I am finally here to talk about our road-trip to San Antonio! Lydia had already been there a couple of times, but I had not been there yet. So I made her go again. Because you can’t live in Texas without going to see The Alamo… You just can’t!

We left Saturday morning and came back Sunday evening. So we had a good chunk of time there. And we did a ton! So I decided the best way to do this post was to show a picture and then talk a little about it.

So obviously the above picture is me at the Alamo. We walked around and read a bunch of the information on the plaques and stuff. We went inside, where there are no pictures allowed, and stayed in there a bit.

IMG_2577Like a block down from the Alamo is this place called The Buckhorn Saloon. It is a saloon and cafe and they have a couple of museums. We did not go in the museums we just went to the saloon and cafe part to see all the different mounts they had on the wall. They had so many different animals up. It was awesome! Kind of sad knowing all those animals were killed. But still awesome to see them. They have made lots of stuff out of antler’s. It’s all pretty dang cool!

IMG_2630On Saturday there was a Mardi Gras river boat parade. They were tossing out tons and tons of beads to everyone. We were smart and went to the beginning where they were all fresh and throwing out a bunch of beads. Then once they all passed us we went the other direction and met up with them further down the course. They weren’t throwing out quite as many but we still got a few more. The best part is all you had to do for the beads was wave and yell! No flashing needed 🙂

IMG_2653On Sunday we started visiting the 4 other missions (The Alamo is a mission to but it’s under the state parks not the national parks). I was bored with taking regular pictures so I decided we needed to take some fun ones.


105So we took a picture sitting by the sign at all the missions. This one makes me laugh though because I look like a blind person with my glasses and the way I’m sitting. Lol. Most of my pictures like this look pretty awkward.

123At Mission San Jose we walked up and this guy was giving a tour. So we joined in and got some good information about the mission and the Indians that lived there. Here in this picture he is telling us about a bug that lives on the cacti that they use for a red dye and that it was so much brighter than anything they had in Europe. And it’s still used in juices and some other stuff. He made a joke about bug juice, it was pretty funny.

130 132








Lydia and I were going through our pictures the other night and she pointed these ones out and said that I look much better under here than she does because she looks like she is holding the roof up with her head. Definitely these missions were designed for short people.

156This is called The Rose Window. It’s at Mission San Jose. A lot of the original church had collapsed and they had to rebuild it all. But this window is part of the original church. 175Us in front of Mission San Jose.

178This is me sitting inside their “ovens.” Although the tour guide told us when they rebuilt them they built them wrong. The original ones didn’t have the chimney’s on them. They would just have an opening on the side to put the wood and fire in and then when it would get hot enough inside they would take out the wood and fire and place their food in and it would cook off the heat of the stone.

298Sunday afternoon we went on a river boat cruise. They take you all through the river and point out buildings and give you history of them and other things on the river. These faces were put on the outside of this building as a way to keep out evil spirits and bad things. The irony in it is that the day this building opened was the day the stock market crashed.

262Our last stop of the trip was to go up in the Tower of America’s. It is the second highest tower. The first highest tower is the Stratosphere in Vegas, and the Space Needle in Seattle is the 3rd highest. They have an observation deck way up there that you can go out on and walk around to look out over all of San Antonio. The building part also makes 1 full circle every hour.

So there you have it. We did more stuff than what was pictured but these were the major spots we hit up! So there you have it another part of the great state of Texas!


2 thoughts on “San Antonio!

  1. I’m so jealous!! I’ve got San Antonio on the list of places I want to go!! I’m getting ready to move to College Station, so a trip is likely to happen soon!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog–I’m excited to follow you now!

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