Attitudes Of Gratitude!

Happy Wednesday Y’all!!!! And welcome to “I Guess I’m Blessed!” A time devoted to putting on our Attitudes of Gratitude’s! I hope that this will inspire you to put on your own attitude of gratitude! So away we go!blogbutton2.2I’m thankful to be blessed with the means that allow me to go on road-trips. To be able to get out-of-town for a weekend and see a new place. To be able to go and appreciate another part of this great state of Texas!

I am grateful that The Well Community Church in P-town and Creekside Bible Church in Wilsonville take the time to post their sermons online. Not only do I get to learn and grow from my church here in Texas, but I also can get learn and grow from the teachings of the men at those churches as well.

And now as always some smaller things I’m thankful for- cameras, pillows, fans, hand weights, chicken tortilla soup, blogs, and you!

Now I know my co-host Stormy Normy has not been around for a while! She has been super busy with her new job, which is totally a good thing! So I thought I would share a few things I think she is thankful on her behalf! So here goes…

She is thankful that she has a job. Even though it keeps her busy and tired. Her sister found out yesterday that they are having a baby boy, so she is thankful for that (she would be thankful for a girl to, just saying in general). And she is thankful for her roommates and the time they spend with each other having fun and being crazy!

So there you have it! I’ll be back tomorrow to finally blog about my road-trip this past weekend!



One thought on “Attitudes Of Gratitude!

  1. Thank you Juliann! You are totally right I’m thankful for all those things and YOU! I was feeling so bummed that I’ve fallen behind on posting and reading blogs on here. Hmmm… Lent idea? Lol

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