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Happy Monday! I hope y’all had a great weekend! I know I did. Our road-trip was a blast! And it was so good to get out-of-town for a bit and see some new sights! My wanderer’s heart was satisfied for sure! And I’m real excited to share all about it with y’all, but we didn’t get back till 9 last night and we went right to bed so we didn’t get a chance to upload our pictures. So until we get a chance to do that I’ll just leave you with a little sneak peek from my phonemission4Forgive my finger in the picture in the bottom right… Also does anybody know which Mission this is?

There are many more pictures, and words to come!

But today I wanted to share with you a playlist I am starting to compile. You see Lydia and I have our first 10k  in 12 days! And normally when we run we listen to podcasts. But when you run in a race there is too much going on, and too many people around to really listen to the podcast, and at least on my phone it’s hard to hear them. So for races we switch to music. To be on the safe side I would like to have an hour and a half of music on this playlist. We will probably run the 10k in a little over an hour, but I want there to be extra music in case we want to skip a song or whatever.

So here are the songs we have so far on this playlist.

1. Run by Sanctus Real. It’s off their new album that came out last week and the chorus goes like this “You’ve gotta run run run into the arms, You’ve gotta run run run into the arms, You’ve gotta run run run into the arms of love.” How perfect is that? Also it’s a pretty uptempo song so that makes it even more perfect!

2. The theme song from Space Jam. You can listen to it here if you have never heard it or don’t remember it. It’s upbeat, fun, and who doesn’t want to remember the movie Space Jam on a run!

3. The Glee version of We Found Love… I downloaded the Glee version after I saw them do it on the show and had put it on a playlist a while ago. Turns out the beat on it is one that encourages me to keep running.

4. Move by Mercy Me. My friend Laura told me awhile ago that this song was on her gym playlist. It’s a song that tells you to Move, so it fits!

5. Moves Like Jagger/Jumping Jack Flash, the Glee Version. Was a huge fan of Glee doing this mix-up. And again like We Found Love it became a good power-up/keep running song

6. Trouble by Taylor Swift… It’s T-Swift and an awesome song… Enough said!

7. Eyes Open by Taylor Swift. Y’all probably remember me blogging about this song. I once listened to it on replay for 45 minutes on the elliptical… I know I’m weird.

So those are the 7 songs we have on our playlist at the moment. So I would love it if you would click on the comment button underneath this writing and leave some suggestions of good up-beat fun songs that you find help motivate you while you are running, working out, or doing whatever! Thanks!


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