Back Atchya!

As much as I am thankful I had my phone to blog last, I am glad I am on a real computer today. Blogging on my phone was interesting to say the least. I don’t know if it was WordPress being weird or my phone being weird, but it was doing some crazy stuff. blogging failCase in point… See that title?? Can someone please tell me where the “prices” came from? Because I typed out I guess I’m blessed… So it just decided to add prices all by itself, for some unknown reason. The whole blog post kind of went like that. It would auto-correct to something crazy and I couldn’t stop it from doing it. I would just have to go back and delete it and then type it all over. I thought I had fixed all the crazy, but I missed the title… It has since been changed so if you haven’t read that post you will no longer see the “prices” in the title :).


I’ve been in a blogging slump the past couple weeks. No inspiration for posts, or any real desire to blog… I’m hoping that changes soon… But until it does I guess I’ll just be around for I.G.I.B and to share with you snip-its from the big things that I’m up to.


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