Thrilling Soccer Knowledge

Last Tuesday Lydia and I went to the USA vs Canada Game! It was my first national team game, I’ve been to a MLS game before. IMG_2361This game came at the end of the yearly January camp. Which basically is a time for the coaches to see some new players and other’s who they want to take another look at in a longer not as important setting. This year it was filled with players from the MLS and a few others. All the European leagues are still in season whereas MLS finished in either October, November, or December depending on how far in the play-offs the team went. There are World Cup Qualifiers this month so all the MLS players the coaches maybe wanted for their World Cup Qualifier roster for this month were at that camp to get in shape. So they scheduled this game at the end of the camp to see how well the player’s fit within the style the coach wants them to play. IMG_2371I was a little bummed because my favorite player, Landon Donovan, was not in camp or at this game, and He will not be part of the Feb 6th World Cup Qualifier match. But it was still a really fun game to go to. Two other player’s from the LA Galaxy were at the camp and the game, although one of them didn’t make the roster for the game so. But the other, Omar Gonzalez (the tall one on the left-hand side), started and played the whole game, and has been called to the World Cup Qualifier roster! 

Though the game ended in a tie it was still a good time. It was interesting to see how the players reacted to the new style of play. And I thought they did pretty well until the last 15 minutes or so of the game, and then we reverted back to the long ball going forward. But Canada stuck all 11 players behind the ball and played defense and then attack on the counters. Which made it hard for the US to break through and test their goalie with shots. So we had a good time!IMG_2475


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