IMG_2495Good Morning! And Happy February!

This year I decided I wanted to do an update on my “devoted to’s” at the end of every month… Since yesterday was the end of the month and I didn’t do an update… I thought I would do it today!

Reading through the Bible- I am going strong on this one! I am 9% of the way through the bible according to the bible app on my phone. I finished Genesis and I’m halfway through Exodus, and in Matthew I’m in chapter 22. So you definitely read through the New Testament way slower than the Old. I have been enjoying this read through a lot! I have definitely found some new things in the text, and it’s just been all around good.
For this next month I want to add in in-depth studying of one of the books of the Bible. Not sure which one yet, but I’ll let y’all know when I decide!

Praying for others- I have been much better about this this month than I have in a very long time. But I do know over the course of the month I stopped focusing so much on it and let it slip a little. So I’m picking it back up this month and making it a priority!

In other news: Tomorrow is Groundhog day! And I sure hope Mr. Phil says spring is coming early this year!


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