The Countdown

Well Hello! It has been awhile! Mostly because I could not think of anything I wanted to blog about… And I realize I missed ” I Guess I’m Blessed” yesterday… I don’t really have an excuse other than to say I didn’t really have a chance to put one up… And really I probably had multiple chances I just chose to do other things with those chances…

Anywho… Today I have lots I would like to tell you… Unfortunately I would also like to have pictures to go with those things I would like to say… And those pictures are stuck on my camera… So all of that will have to wait until tomorrow…

So today… We are going old school… Like middle and high school old school… I read these “Countdown’s of Me” on a couple of different blogs… So I thought I would join in on the old school myspace survey fun! So here goes…

10 Favorite Foods!
1. Cheese. A few years ago I switched from macaroni and cheese to strawberries as my favorite food. But really that was a lie… I could not live without cheese… Ok that’s not true either, because I could live without it… I just really do not want to ever have to live without it! Which puts it as a favorite food status
2. Strawberries. They do not need an explanation… They are just good
3. Bread.
4. Fruit Smoothies… Yum!
5. Peanut butter (not the all natural or organic. Give me some sugar filled skippy!)
6. Salami. I used to go through phases with salami. Sometime I would like it other times I would not… But for the past 4 months or so I’ve been really liking it. So I think it’s safe to say it’s a fav now
7. Chocolate milk (which is weird because I’m not a fan of plain milk.)
8. Chicken. I hate to have to put this one on here, but it’s true.
9. Roast. This one might actually be higher on the list, but we’ll just leave it here for now
10. Potatoes.
(side note: I have a bunch of favorite meals, a lot of which use foods that are on this list, but instead of listing meals I chose to just list individual foods.)

9 All-Time Favorite Movies
1. She’s The Man (Sydney White was above this one for a bit, but I realized it just can’t be beat)
2. Sydney White
3. Knight and Day (This is new to the list, but I added it because for reals I love it, and watch it a lot!)
4. Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13 (And yes I’m counting those all as one)
5. 10 Things I Hate About You
6. Keeping The Faith
7. Elf
8. Bring It On
9. Pocahontas
(side note: This one was harder to commit to, and after number 3 things get a little iffy… except Elf, it’s for sure a fav!)

8 Celebrities I’d Like To Date

1. Ryan Reynolds
2. Gerard Butler
3. Heath Ledger (Prior to his death of course)
4. Landon Donovan
5. David Beckham
6. The Verizon commercial guy
7. The original Listerine commercial guy
8. Oliver Kieran-Jones (He is Kurt’s new interest on Glee, but He is cute, has a British accent, and has a singing voice that makes me swoon, so he is on the list!)

7 Things I’m Lovin’

1. The 70+degree weather we have been having
2. Listening to podcasts while running
3. Crafting! I gotta figure out what to do next!
4. Old Navy and Target… Such cute stuff (not just clothes either) They will be the death of me
5. Water… Just can’t get enough of it lately
6. Friends!
7. Shamefully… The Bachelor… Sean is seriously good-looking (if it had been 9 celebrities I’d like to date he would be on that list for sure!) and he is a southern gentleman!

6 Places I Want To Visit

1. Ireland
2. All of Europe
3. All 50 States of the US (this is cheating I know!)
4. Australia
5. Israel
6. Africa

5 Games I Played As A Child

1. Crazy 8’s (it’s like uno but with regular cards, 8’s are wild, and you don’t have to say uno)
2. Monopoly
3. Drive-by
4. Squishymon
5. Marco Polo

4 Things I’d Rather Not See Again

1. Broccoli… Yuck
2. Scary Movies
3. The GRE
4. 26 Days straight of 113 degree weather (that summer was gross!)

2 Facts About Me

1. I like to explain things… Hence all the parenthesis explaining my choices throughout this blog post.. And there I go again explaining that I like to explain…
2. I really really like road-trips

1 Meaning Behind My Blog Name

1. My name is Juliann, and I started this blog when I moved to Texas… So… Juliann The Texan was born!



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