One Of Those Days

Today has started off as one of those days… As in the first 40 minutes I was at work were pretty much terrible… And you know that just sets up the tone for the whole day… But I don’t want it to be one of those days, because I don’t like those days… So since then I’ve been trying to change it, with a little help….

First up was breakfast…. Clara went and got us some kolaches, and I ran downstairs to get a chocolate milk. After kolaches and chocolate milk how can you have a bad day right?? Yes that’s what I said… But alas still feels like there is a dark cloud over my head….

So what next… Tunes! Turn on the music on my phone and sing along! And it’s making it a little better….

So now what??? Since none of those have cured the black cloud fully, I decided to start a bunch of countdowns! Those always cheer me up! So I thought I would share those with you…

4 Days till USA vs Canada!
14 Days till a full weekend Road Trip!
29 Days till our 10K/Ladies night at the horse track
51 Days till ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!!
75 Days till I leave for California
78 Days till my brother’s wedding


2 thoughts on “One Of Those Days

    • It is a polish breakfast treat. That is some form of bread with either fruit, or cream cheese, or wrapped around sausage and cheese, or wrapped around bacon and cheese, etc. Usually the bread is a little sweet.
      Or as I like to say pigs n a blanket for breakfast.
      I had no idea what they were until I moved here. I asked someone why they were eating a hot dog for breakfast and everyone thought I was crazy.

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