blogbutton2.2Happy Wednesday! I’m a fan of Wednesday’s! For a couple of reasons… One being it’s the weekly “I Guess I’m Blessed” feature her on the blog, and that means I get to put on my attitude of gratitude (which I don’t do often enough) and write about it. And second because it’s youth group night!

Last night I went to Ikea with two of my good friends, Laura and Jamie. We got there around 6 and left around 9:15. We haven’t been to Ikea in a very long time. And they have gotten a lot of new stuff in. So we took our time meandering through the store talking about different items and what we would do with them, or just talking about life stuff in general. We gave opinions on what to buy or not buy. Ate dinner in their cafeteria. And just had an all around good time. I am thankful that these two wonderful ladies are in my life. Not just because we have a good time at Ikea, but because of the friendship that we have.

I’m thankful that the Lord is in the business of redeeming! Over and over in scripture we see how He redeems His people with the culmination being the cross. Every redeeming picture the Bible paints is beautiful and I love it! I love seeing the Lord redeem people even today, it’s still beautiful! And I’m super thankful for it and blessed by it in my own life as well!

And of course as always some smaller stuff I’m thankful for- nail files, Pandora radio, photographers, coca cola, and gum!


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