Louisiana Road Trip!

signOn Sunday Lydia and I said goodbye to Texas and headed East! We both had been itching for a road-trip and wanted to get away. So we took the day and went driving.

We stopped for lunch at a cafe outside of Lafayette in Breaux Bridge called Cafe Des Amis. They had live music, and some people even started doing the two-step to dance. And then these young girls did some river dancing. The food was pretty good as well. I tried a boudin sausage patty (doesn’t count as real boudin because it wasn’t in the intestine lining, but hey I still branched out and tried it!) Then we walked along the town for a bit and then got back in the car to head out again!

lunchThen we continued on into Baton Rouge! We first went and saw the Magnolia Mound Plantation. It was a smaller Creole style plantation. It was still pretty cool to see. After we walked around there for awhile we went to the capital building. The Louisiana State Capital building is the tallest one in the US. And on the 27th floor you can go outside and look out on Baton Rouge, the areas surrounding it, and the Mississippi River! It’s pretty sweet!The capitalThe stairs leading up to the front doors of the Capital building have the 50 state names and the years they were added into the Union. I thought it was pretty cool, and of course we took pictures on them!step colllageI had to take a picture on three of them of course! California, Oregon, and Texas!

After the Capital we walked along the Mississippi River a bit. We took pictures, touched the water, grabbed some rocks and shells, and just enjoyed the sunshine and nice day! All in all a wonderful day!


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